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SmartSquare Tools

SmartSquare Pro (NEW!)

SmartSquare Pro (NEW!)

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Basically the only concern people bring to us is whether this thing will take a beating like their old square. We understand the concern. To answer the question: we make the tool out of rugged aluminum and our spring mechanism is made of sturdy stainless steel pins and custom-made springs. None of that is an issue. What if you drop the tool from height onto concrete? Then in some cases you can disrupt the ease of the spring mechanism until you manipulate the fence/heel back into place. Nothing like this is indestructible when facing 20-foot drops onto concrete. But even in the worst-case scenario we've simply maneuvered the fence back into the ideal position later that day to get the smooth pivot back. We've never had permanent issues with the moving parts.

The 12 inch version of SmartSquare, capable of laying out a set of stairs all by itself. Say goodbye to the framing square.

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Flatwork Ready

Patented rotating fence pivots from 90 or 180 degrees for accurate flat surface work. Snaps into place in one second. Ergonomic, versatile, and left-hand friendly. Dual markings accommodate extra inch. The flat position is a total game-changer for carpenters, metal workers, floor workers, and other craftsmen.

Fast Repetitive Markings

Use included jig block and thumb screw to turn the square into a jig. Set the jig to any mark and lock in place. For reliable repetitive markings to save you time on the job site.

Made in USA

To highest manufacturing standards. Your purchase supports an American small business.