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What is SmartSquare?

SmartSquare is the next step in the evolution of the rafter square, which has been a staple in the bag of carpenters for more than a century.

The patented rotating fence switches from 90 to 180 degrees in less than a second, making flatwork not only possible, but accurate and ergonomic. A total game changer.

​The included jig block allows you to make any repetitive mark with consistency, simplicity, and speed. Our built-in SmartBubble level vial also offer convenience and quickness: the core principles of every design decision that touches SmartSquare.

The square itself is comprised of carefully-machined ¼ inch extruded aluminum, a rugged anodize coating, uncompromisingly precise laser-etched markings, premium internal components, and stunning colors. SmartSquare exudes style and substance, as anyone who has held it in their hands has quickly remarked. All made with care and pride right here in America.

SmartSquare is the true innovation in carpenter squares that we wish had existed during our 40 years in the trade.

Many others agree.

We look forward to getting a SmartSquare into your hands so you can see for yourself what everyone is talking about.


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